Hollyer Associates

Consultants in telecoms technology, regulation and public policy
Hollyer Associates can provide a range of consultancy services, working with other consultancy practices where necessary, to meet many contemporary challenges. Some examples include:-
  • Within the UK

    Significant changes are occuring in the UK following the setting up of Ofcom, the new converged regulator. Companies often need help to decide how to approach these new environments, including how to respond to consultations and new policy proposals; or how to deal with disputes.
  • Within Europe

    New and prospective members of the European Union often need advice on the implementation of the EU regulatory framework in their countries, which can be a major challenge where regulatory and governmental resources are limited.
  • Across the globe

    In response to the WTO/GATT agreements and often stimulated by funding from the World Bank or the EU, many countries are now liberalising their telecommunications markets and setting up regulatory systems for the first time. These need to draw on best practice from the developed world, but be sensitive to the particular needs of the country concerned.
  • Other 'regulators'

    Telecom regulators aren't the only bodies that impose regulations on telecoms companies. Many self-regulatory and co-regulatory bodies must also be taken into account. Other governmental bodies may impinge on your business, such as data protection, requirements to provide lawful interception and data retention, the payment of business rates on your installations and plant, requirements to cooperate with government on civil emergency and national security issues, and e-commerce regulations.

Hollyer Associates can assist you in all these areas.

Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Implementation of new EU regulatory framework
  • Interconnection and interoperability
  • Numbering, including Number Portability
  • Regulation of Next Generation Networks and VoIP
  • Licensing
  • Dispute resolution
  • Network security and resilience
  • Emergency planning, business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Lawful interception and data retention
  • Local Loop unbundling and other broadband access issues
  • Carrier Pre-Selection
  • Network fraud and misuse
  • Quality of Service
  • Consumer Protection issues

Typical clients include telecom operators, equipment vendors, regulators, government departments, law firms, venture capital companies and, of course, other consulting firms.

Types of work include:

  • Consultancy
  • One-off advice
  • Technology and regulatory briefings
  • Training
  • Due diligence on Mergers and Aquisitions
  • Expert witness

For information on recent assignments, please see my CV here.

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